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Commercials on TV  have a primary goal: to make connections with their prime customer base. Top companies strategically target audiences at specific times of the day and around specific programming to achieve just that goal. This is a tactic that seems easy enough for businesses with big budgets and a team of full-time marketing professionals. Well, good for them.

What about small or local businesses?

You can do this too. It just has to be done differently.

Incorporate your customer email program, restaurant blog or social media outlet as a platform for vibrant images that will reach your targeted customers without paying top dollar.

To get started, first think about the story you want to tell and then how you want to tell it.

When communicating to your target audience, think about what you want them to know about your business. Then, engage your audience with revealing imagery that will tempt as well as solidify a visual memory of your business.

So, how is this done? It’s easy and the cost is only a little bit of your time.

For captivating still images, use the free app Instagram. You may have recently heard about it and how Facebook just purchased Instagram for $1 billion. This app allows users to take a picture with a smartphone, choose from various filters and quickly edit the photo to create a specific feel to it.  At the touch of a button, these filters transform ordinary snapshots into professionally edited images through alterations in light, focus and color saturation.

The burrito giant Qdoba uses Instagram on their Facebook page to engage customers in day to day happenings, see for yourself here. And in a recent article from Nation’s Restaurant News, this very topic was discussed in their article, how to make the most of Instagram in your restaurant.

Just imagine your customers waking up and debating on where to go, what they feel like eating or whether they should just stay home. You can bet that Cheerios is running commercials throughout the morning for exactly this reason. So why should you miss out?

Post a captivating image from your phone to your Facebook or Twitter account just as the grills are warming up.

The same tactic is just as easily used for the happy hour crowd. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; the clock is ticking near 5 PM and fidgety cubicle dwellers are starting to ponder whether they should go home or go out…help them with that decision.

Post something along these lines:

Post an image to your social media page just before happy hour hits. Be the director of your own very short movie and capture something that is alluring to your customers.

Consider images such as:

A bartender stirring a drink
A frothy beer head dripping over a frosty mug
A glimpse of happy customers in your bar

Remember to add a catchy headline to go along with your image that beckons a call to action, such as:

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!

Fresh keg tapped, oh yeah it’s Friday. Wanna Come Over?

The options are only limited to your creativity. Don’t let the big dogs have all the fun with commercials. Use free apps to enhance your presence on the web and stay present in your customer’s mind.

photo credit: Jason A. Howie via photopin cc


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