6 Things to Cook in a Rice Cooker (Besides Rice)


As a longtime friend, ally and advocate of the rice cooker, we here at FSW have grown tired of its complaints. “Everyone thinks we’re just for cooking rice. It’s not fair,” whines the rice cooker.

“Well, it probably has something to do with your name…” we usually respond.

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name-”

“Ok, ok we get it.”

In an effort to stop the endless flow of the rice cooker’s kvetching and overused Shakespearean references that do not impress us in the least, we are here to make a plea on behalf of the rice cooker’s many talents and abilities that reach far beyond those of cooking rice.

There are innumerable varieties of items that can be made in this versatile machine. We’ve broken them down into 6 general categories with sample recipes for each. It is easy to see that there is a multitude of possibilities for utilizing your friend and ours, the rice cooker.


When making wraps in the rice cooker, first cook all of your ingredients as desired. After that, you can use the leftover steam to heat and soften your tortillas. Here are some recipes to get you started:


Steamed dumplings? Yes please! Any dumplings can be made in the rice cooker, just put water into the bottom and your uncooked dumplings in the steamer basket.

Here are a few tasty sounding dumpling recipes, for inspiration:


Steaming is one of the healthier ways to prepare your vegetables, and all manner of vegetables can be steamed in a rice cooker. For tips on how much water to use and how long to steam different kinds of vegetables, take a look at this chart.


Starting the day off right is much easier with a rice cooker. There are a number of items, both sweet and savory, that are suitable for breakfast and can be pre-made so all you have to do in the morning is flip the switch. Here are some recipes:


In addition to rice and fish recipes that can easily be made in the rice cooker, there are a number of other ways to prepare seafood in the rice cooker.


Cake in a rice cooker? Flan? Oh yes. Yes it’s possible and yes it’s delicious. Check out these recipes:

There you have it! Don’t let your rice cooker wallow in mediocrity, but rather use these recipes to let it shine in the majestic splendor of its full potential.

One final note: for an affordable, durable and medium-sized rice cooker FSW RecommendsThe Globe RC1 25-Cup Rice Cooker. It’s a beaut!


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