5 Essential Reasons Your Restaurant Needs to be on Facebook


Facebook has taken the world by storm. From your college roommate to your college roommate’s grandmother, there are over 800 million active Facebook users worldwide. This includes small business owners and even restaurant chains. And although following the line of thought that “everyone’s doing it” is not necessarily a good enough reason, the true benefits of setting up a Facebook page stem from the fact that, while not everyone is doing it, a heck of a lot of people are.

There are many specific techniques that can make Facebook work for you, but the following are some of the best and most straightforward reasons for getting started if you don’t already have a Facebook page.

Facebook Fans Become Restaurant Customers

This is probably the most obvious reason you should be on Facebook. Restaurateurs create online communities in order to educate, inform, and market to people online, and ultimately, to get them in the door as customers. When people connect to you on Facebook, they are likely to feel a more personal connection to your business, becoming part of a community of others who feel the same.

Online Consumers Will Talk You Up

Facebook is one of the best online methods of word-of-mouth marketing. According to one study, over half of consumers polled said they are more likely to recommend a brand or business after becoming their fan on Facebook.[Source] In fact, consumers are likely to interact with your brand, share stories about your brand with others, and post about brands they like.[Source]

Your Coupons Reach A Wider Audience

Many restaurants promote their business with coupons and discounts. On Facebook, you can offer a digital coupon for a free food or beverage item when someone “Likes” your Facebook page. Another study shows that 57% of consumers become fans of brands or businesses for this reason.[Source] This can help widen your exposure and give people a reason to visit your actual restaurant.

People Want To Know You Better

The world of business is becoming more and more transparent. Consumers—especially those new to your restaurant—are interested in the faces behind the brand. Try posting a photo of the chef with her famous dessert. Invite customers to come in for the newest cocktail from the bartender, and then ask them for feedback. These types of offers can make customers feel more personally connected to your brand. Even though it’s digital, people still yearn for a real connection to the businesses they like.

Better Results From Marketing

Facebook has multiple tools and benefits for the business owner, some of which can actually help target your most local customers. Try using Facebook Ads to direct advertisements to potential consumers in your zip code. You can even target the friends of people who have liked your page or who are attending your events. When you can direct your marketing efforts in this way, you may achieve more qualified results.

From improved word-of-mouth marketing to better direction with advertisements, starting a Facebook page is a relatively simple yet effective way to grow your community of customers.


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