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With a Blendtec blender, the question is not “Will it blend?” – it’s “What won’t it blend?!” No, seriously! Check the YouTube videos if you don't believe us! Completely equipped with the quietest motors on the market, cold forged steel blades, BPA-free blender jars, SmartTouch interfaces, and versatile programming options, these Blendtec blenders are lightyears ahead of the competition. With the quietest and most powerful motors available, there's bound to be a model that's perfect for your application.

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Seriously Stealthy Smoothies

Hear that? That’s the sound of peace and ambiance filling your establishment. No matter how many of these blending beasts you have running, you and your guests will hardly be able to tell. Equipped with the quietest motors in the industry, you can blend through practically anything without creating a noisy environment.

BPA-Free Blender Jars

Blendtec’s blender jars are revolutionizing commercial blending! Constructed in heavy duty copolyester, these blender jars are BPA free, easy to clean, and extremely durable.

Rapid Rinse

How does quicker clean-up sound? Pretty good, right? That’s what we thought. The Rapid Rinse setup makes the perfect accessory to any blender in the innovative Blendtec line. With one of these handy helpers, you can quickly rinse jars for reuse, increase the speed of service, serve more customers, and even use less water than sink washing!

Will it blend?!

Yes, it blends! Baseballs, marbles, lighters, pool noodles, skeletons, pool cues… We haven’t seen anything these monsters can’t blend! After seeing what a Blendtec blender can do to an iPad, we’re confident that no matter which ingredients you use, blending smoothies or milkshakes for your customers will be a total breeze.

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