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How long will this piece of equipment last? That’s the question that the engineers at Anets ask themselves every time they design or build a new piece of food service equipment. Founded over 70 years ago in 1925, this singular focus has led Anets to create simply the longest lasting, most reliable food service equipment available today. Additionally, Anets’ engineers use only the best materials and most comprehensive designs and manufacturing techniques to ensure that every piece of equipment they produce is crafted to the highest standard and will withstand even harsh commercial kitchen environments. Purchasing from Anets means that you can be sure that you’re getting maximum value on your investment and an advanced piece of equipment that will provide you with dependable service well into the future.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Great Fryer Works great for us

Review Date: 11/19/2014
By: bfother2

This fryer works great for the business it was installed in. Very pleased with the product.

Review by Scot

Review Date: 8/9/2015
By: Scot

This fryer arrived in nice condition, and was installed by my service company. I am very happy with the way the fryer performs. We use this fryer daily alongside another older fryer. If we have a slow day, the old fryer gets turned off, because everyone likes the new unit better. I would recommend this unit for anyone shopping for a good inexpensive fryer.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

Grill does not heat up properly. Heating varies on various days. We had the grill serviced under warranty to correct the problem. The service company, 3 wire, has billed us for the warranty service. The grill still has the same problem. The service rep. told us that the controlls were not set correctly. He reset the controlls to no avail.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 12/19/2013
By: Anonymous

Excellent product. We replaced another but this is much superior. Would recommend. The fill handle is made so you wouldn't get burned. It's very easy to clean. The filter does the job of removing droppings from the oil. The parts are USER FRIENDLY. Try it.

Review by Harondo

Review Date: 12/19/2013
By: Harondo

Flawed Pick-up Screen IMO, the much less exspensive Standard Paper breaks with ANY mild usage. The ONLY solutiuon Annets Reps had was to use the super-thick Heavy Duty Paper (they did send me a sample package for free), which to my horror is also super expensive - $280 for (5 sheets) including shipping!! I got only 4-5 uses of this paper at the most. I have 5 locations, 4 are using various different filter brand units, none with this cost and problems. Good Luck!

Editorial Reviews

Computer-Designed Baffles

The heat baffles in every tube-type fryer from Anets have been custom engineered using advanced computer models to maximize heat transfer. The increased heat transfer and dispersion gives their fryers faster recovery times and makes them more efficient which saves you money.

Anets Fryers

Heat Exchangers Flashed with Copper

The MX line of fryers from Anets all feature heat exchangers flashed with copper for a faster transfer of heat from the burners to the frypot and oil. Because they are flashed with copper, the heat exchangers transfer the heat from the burners faster than just bare stainless steel.

Crossfire Burners

The MX line of fryers from Anets also features Anets’ Crossfire Burner System. The burners are equipped with a small flame baffle that increases the surface area of every burner flame. The increased flame surface area combined with the copper-flashed heat exchangers dramatically increases heat transfer which shortens the fryer’s recovery time and makes it more efficient to save you money.

Tri-Clad Steel Ensures Durability

When it comes down to brass tacks, your commercial deep fryer is only as good as its frypot. Anets utilizes a tri-clad stainless steel frypot that includes two stainless steel sheets and a mild steel core. This frypot design allows for efficient heat transfer, easy cleaning, and excellent durability that cannot be matched.

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