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About Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking offers a wide array of finely made glass products designed to help bolster the look and performance of your kitchen, business and home. All Anchor Hocking products are made in the USA and are painstakingly crafted to enhance customer satisfaction and usability. In business since 1905, you can trust Anchor Hocking when it comes to your drinkware, tabletop products and stemware needs so that you can focus more on what you do best.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

love these glasses

Review Date: 8/12/2014
By: loves beer

I bought these glasses for tasting with my friends. They are perfect.

great glassware

Review Date: 7/11/2014
By: jlg31

Perfect for our use very durable. Customers very impressed with there drinks in these glasses.

extra heavyweight

Review Date: 7/9/2014
By: jujyfruit

These mugs are exactly what I was expecting, plus they are heavier than the ones I was trying to match. Excellent!

Review by GFFF

Review Date: 5/1/2014

Elegant and simple

Review Date: 4/30/2014
By: Stonecat

We purchased these to serve as water glasses in our restaurant, and they are a perfect fit! They are definitely on the smaller side, but work for us as we provide a liter water bottle to each table and were looking for a small glass. Would also be a great juice glass or beer taster. The base of the glasses is very sturdy and heavy which gives the glass a nice solid fee. Our staff broke quite a few right off the bat trying to stack the glasses (they definitely are NOT stackable). All in all I am quite pleased with these glasses.

Editorial Reviews

Beer Glassware

Since beers of different styles have distinctive characteristics, using the appropriate glass for each style accentuates the beer’s nuances. The more distinctive the beer, the more distinctive the glass. Anchor Hocking has a beautiful selection of beer glassware that will give your beer the presentation it deserves.

Anchor Hocking Beer Glassware

Bar Glassware

A bar is expected to serve a variety of drinks, each one requiring its one type of glass. Don’t be caught off guard not having the proper glassware on hand with help from Anchor Hocking. With a wide selection of bar glassware, from brandy snifters to white wine glasses, you will be well prepared to serve a quality drink in a quality glass.

Anchor Hocking Bar Glassware

Beverage Glassware

Not all glasses can do it all, which is why Anchor Hocking has an entire line of glassware dedicated to serving different types of beverages. From all-purpose glasses designed to accommodate any liquid to specialized options for coffee, iced tea, juice and soda, Anchor Hocking has beverage glassware made just for you.

Anchor Hocking Beverage Glassware

Tabletop Supplies

A bare tabletop can set a bad precedence for the rest of the evening. Never go unprepared with help from Anchor Hocking's line of glass Tabletop Supplies. You can set the mode with candle holders, spice up meals with cruets and shakers, or supply drinks with a dash of sugar with sugar bowls and pourers.

Anchor Hocking Tabletop Supplies

Kitchen Supplies & Tools

A well-stocked kitchen will have you prepared for anything that comes your way. Anchor Hocking Kitchen Supplies & Tools are made from glass which means they are easy to clean and able to withstand repetitive use. Whether you need exact measurements or reliable mixing bowls, Anchor Hocking Kitchen Supplies & Tools are ready for duty.

Anchor Hocking Kitchen Supplies & Tools

Glass Dinnerware

Make your dinner parties a success with Anchor Hocking Glass Dinnerware. These pieces feature both unique designs and classic looks to suit any dining room. Whether you need bowls, plates, platters or bowls, Anchor Hocking has the perfect piece to make your meals special.