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American Metalcraft (18908P) - 8" Aluminum Perforated Pizza Disk


Ship Weight .25 lbs.
Diameter 8"
Metal Type Aluminum
Pan Type Perforated
Pizza Supply Type Pizza Baking Supplies

Product Details

To get a perfectly cooked, crispy crust, this 8” Perforated Pizza Disk (18908P) is made with holes that allow air to circulate throughout the pizza during cooking. American Metalcraft uses quality 18 gauge 1-millimeter aluminum, a metal with great heat conducting properties that maintains its quality through intensive use. It is completely free of a rim, allowing the pizza to slide off without any damage to its crust no matter how large. 57 holes make up the perforation in this disc, each measuring 3/8" in diameter. One of the smallest options, this 8" model is ideal for individual pizzas.

Additional Considerations

  • Edges are unfinished and may be sharp. Use caution.

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