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Aleco, a division of ES Robbins Corporation, is a clear leader in the polymer and plastics manufacturing industry. They provide top of the line solutions for industrial and foodservice workplaces. Not only are they the brand to turn to for impact doors, traffic doors, pan rack covers and more, but they also manufacture top of the line office products - including chair mats, carpet protectors, and equine fences too. For over 40 years, Aleco has been creating products that make life easier and safer for thousands. With a track record as solid as theirs, here’s to another 40 years of business.

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Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency plays a vital role in reducing your bottom line. Unprotected openings in areas of the kitchen, or other industrial food operations, can lead to the loss of energy. Covering those openings with an Aleco product is an excellent way to prevent energy (and savings!) from slipping right out the door. Aleco offers a wide range of solutions, including the most partition, flexible door, and strip door options on the market.

Serious Safety

Keeping employees safe on the job is extremely important. There are a number of ways Aleco is trying to change the way you protect your employees. All Aleco products promote safety, but none more than the orange vinyl Hi-Viz® safety strips provided for all strip doors. When hung properly, these plastic strips clearly identify throughways and help prevent traffic accidents.

Backoff Bugs!

Bugs bringing you down? Not enough fresh air flowing in? Aleco has a solution that will give your business all the fresh outdoor air it needs without letting pesky creatures creep inside. AirFlex® insect barrier strip doors are perfect for restaurant or cafeteria back doors, as well as commercial and manufacturing facilities. This bug barrier's fine mesh strips are not only easy to install, the hands-free design makes them highly convenient to use.

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