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Established in 1952, Admiral Craft Equipment Corp., or Adcraft, started as a smallwares company dedicated to providing superior customer service, prompt shipment and competitive pricing. The success of their first countertop electric item, a simple food warmer, jettisoned them to becoming a recognizable manufacturer of high quality food service equipment across the world. While their commitment to quality and service has not changed, they have expanded over the years to where they stand now, with over 2,000 products that range from smallwares items to over sixty countertop items that serve all segments of the food service industry. More recently Adcraft has begun manufacturing refrigeration and freezer products. Their continued growth and development of additional products shows Adcraft’s continued dedication to being a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of restaurant equipment, utensils and supplies.

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Recent Reviews

EXcellent Machine

Review Date: 2/28/2015
By: whyamiinjersey

Picked this up from FSW around 4 months ago, needless to say, still running strong. All day everyday, never had a single problem. Its design is basic, which I love, but means EASY cleaning more than anything. The vents actually point down and out, so you can actually use water when cleaning the outside. Its light, even when full, and can easily be moved, maneuvered, or quickly evacuated due to some mishap or spill. And I love that it is capable of actually boiling water on setting 6. Its the best deal going for warmers IMO, and I plan to pick up two more. One for shows and another because, at this price, why not. Its a great way to bump your order up to free shipping as well. And on top of all that, you get to order from Food Service Warehouse, which is entirely more pleasant than you might expect. Upon my first order I was given a rep, who would become my permanent rep, who now knows me, my name, my restaurant, and what I've gotten and what I need, His keen questions have lead to more that one "purchase" yes, but not something he tricked me into at all, but a solid, "wow I hadn't thought of that yet" time-saver and in one situation frankly a butt-saver. Thanks again for that Matt! All-in-all its a simple warmer that works every time, Zero complaints, and dozens of subsequent approvals and appreciations, both for the company and the products sold..


Review Date: 2/14/2015
By: RyGuy078

have used this product at several different resturants good product

Very nice and good product

Review Date: 7/31/2015
By: Ermis

Love itt very nice and work good i recoment to the people

Excellent Quality

Review Date: 5/29/2014
By: Stopthis

I could not be more happy with this product...Great

wonderful accessory to your kitchen arsial

Review Date: 8/5/2014
By: madrussian

heats up quicker than others I have used, very well built. easy to clean also. fits together very well, not like those cheap imitations. worth the extra $$

Editorial Reviews

Countertop Cooking

Adcraft manufactures a robust line of countertop equipment that is perfect for restaurants, bars and concession stands that want to add heavy duty equipment without having to dedicate a large amount space to it. From fryers to pizza ovens, Adcraft creates countertop solutions for all types of food service establishments, allowing them to get a high level of production in compact and easy to operate equipment.

Warming and Holding

Keeping food hot and ready for service can help kitchens run more efficiently. Adcraft offers food warming equipment that can be placed in the front of the house or in the kitchen. Several models of soup kettles that are perfect for buffets lines, caterers and grocery stores. Adcraft uses heavy duty stainless steel and simple controls to provide durable equipment that is easy to operate and maintain.


Much of Adcraft's countertop equipment is highly portable, making it perfect for buffets and caterers. High quality stainless steel and heavy duty construction allows much of this equipment to be taken on the road, without having to worry about its longevity. This equipment can be plugged into standard 120 volt outlets and set up quickly, which makes it perfect for caterers that need equipment they can set up and break down quickly.

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