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Though they may be relative new comers to the industry, Accutemp’s incredible innovation, exceptional product quality and overall expertise in everything steam has quickly garnered them wide acclaim and made them the recognized leaders in low-temp steamers and steam-heated griddles. Their pioneering approach to steam and heat transfer continues to fuel their remarkable growth across the country and drive new advances in technology that are helping to revolutionize the way foodservice equipment is manufactured.

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Winner of the 2010 GEFN Blue Flame Award

Acknowledging “outstanding technology and innovation in the Gas Food Service Industry,” the prestigious Blue Flame Award was presented to Accutemp by the Gas Foodservice Equipment Network in recognition of the incredible innovation and quality craftsmanship of their Evolution line of boilerless convection steamers. The award clearly sets Accutemp’s Evolution steamers apart from the competition and demonstrates that the Accutemp commitment to creative and inventive solution to foodservice equipment certainly is worthy of recognition for its practical results.

Accutemp Evolution Series Steamers

A Full Energy Star® Qualified Line

While most manufacturers can claim that a few of their products qualify for Energy Star®, only Accutemp can honestly say that every single one of their products is Energy Star® qualified. In fact, they even partnered with Energy Star® to create the first ever qualifications for griddles, and they currently manufacture the first and ONLY qualified line of griddles. This partnership shows just how committed Accutemp is to reducing energy consumption in the industry and working to protect the environment. So, no matter which Accutemp product you choose, you can be sure it will save both energy and money.

Low Temperature Steaming and Holding

Accutemp steamers use a vacuum steam chamber to generate steam at temperatures as low as 150°F, well below the 212°F required by all other steamers. These lower steaming temperatures ensure that your product is never overcooked, has a locked-in flavor and all of its health vitamins and minerals. Best of all, the lower steaming temperatures have also enabled Accutemp’s line of Steam’N’Hold™ steamers to receive NSF certification as holding cabinets as well as steamers.

Accutemp Steamers

Steam-Heated Griddles

Using electricity or gas to generate steam and heat a thin griddle plate, Accutemp’s steam-heated griddles may seem counterintuitive, but they have a number of significant advantages over both traditional electric and gas griddles. Their griddle plates are thinner for faster recovery times, and they are also significantly more energy efficient. In fact, they are currently the only Energy Star® qualified griddles available on the market. Their biggest advantage, however, is clearly their incredibly even heating. The seam heats the griddle pate perfectly evenly resulting in only a +/- 5°F temperature change over the entire cooking surface.

Accutemp Griddles

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