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FSW History

FSW History

Running a restaurant is risky business. It can be logistically complicated and fast paced. Outfitting such a demanding operation has always been a difficult task. Since it is critical that everything operates smoothly and efficiently, choosing the right equipment for the job can be daunting. The checklists are long and requirements complex. But how best to understand all of this complexity? Not everyone has the chance to go to culinary school, and the demands of a restaurant do not leave much time for dallying at the local dealership. There had to be an easier way.

After exploring the current crop of online restaurant supply retailers, and frustrated with the lack of useful information provided, an idea was borne: create a world-class Web site where prospective restaurateurs and businesses alike could learn everything they needed to know about outfitting their operation. Combine this information with an online catalog of equipment and supplies from the world's best-known brands, and empower customers to make their own businesses more successful. In the summer of 2006 was founded to meet this pressing need in the marketplace.

After a great deal of research, a strategic document was created to outline the basic plan. The plan was then presented to a group of potential investors. Encouraged by the positive response it received, a formalized business plan was created to attract additional interest in the project. Before long, funding was secured and a management team was selected. was officially launched to the public on January 1st 2007.

They have since grown at a rapid clip. has continued to innovate month after month. Within one years time they have created an incredible Web experience and become the industry leader in combining education and sales as a means to empower other businesses to succeed.

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