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Freight Instructions

Freight Instructions


Failure to follow these instructions properly may forfeit any possible damage claims. We cannot be held responsible for orders not fully inspected before signing for delivery. We highly recommend you print this document and have it with you on the day of delivery. Under no circumstances should you let the driver pressure you into signing unless you are satisfied. If you encounter any issues with the driver, please contact the Customer Service Team at 1-877-877-5655 from 7:00am-5:00pm Mountain Time for further advice.

1. The driver will bring the item to the edge of the truck.

If you did not request liftgate service you will be required to remove the item from the truck yourself. If you do not have a loading dock, or the item is excessively heavy, we do not recommend moving the item without assistance. The driver is not expected to remove the item from the truck or to bring the item inside. If you would prefer a liftgate delivery, please contact us prior to the delivery date.

2. Inspect the outside of the package carefully for damage.

Any package that has visible external damage should be refused. Let the driver know that you are refusing the shipment due to damage. Immediately contact us at 1-877-877-5655 so we can send a replacement item to you as soon as possible.

3. Unpack the item completely before signing for it.

Even if the packing materials appear to be in good order, it is your right and responsibility to fully inspect the item. You may take as much time as needed to completely unpack your purchase. The driver is required to wait while you do so.

4. Inspect the unit for any damage or missing parts.

After unpacking, carefully inspect the merchandise. Check all panels for dents and dings, paying close attention to corners. Check any exposed pipes, tubes and coils closely for possible damage. Check to make sure all glass is intact. If you find any significant damage or missing parts, call customer service immediately. Some minor cosmetic damage can be repaired. Do not let the driver push you to sign. Call us and have the driver wait.

5. If you are fully satisfied, sign for the package.

If after uncrating and examining the item you are fully satisfied, sign for the package and enjoy your new purchase. If you have found minor cosmetic damage but wish to keep the item, please notate the damage clearly on the bill of lading before signing. Be advised that certain parts or panels cannot be replaced, and some cosmetic damage is irreparable. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the delivery, please do not sign anything and call customer service for further instructions.

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